Rising Souls

Patch Notes 1.11

  • Patch notes 9/14/2015

There’s not a whole lot going on this time around but it’s important to keep this updated whenever I make any sort of rule changes.

  • Fully changed from D&D 4e over to D&D 5e
  • Added the first version of the D&D Shopping Catalog! PDF and txt documents are available here.
  • I’ve made a change to the way terrain is being displayed on roll 20. Along with using the rpg maker vx maps I’ve placed both blue and red "X"s to mark areas. A red “X” means that you cannot move through that area in or out of combat, such as a wall, certain trees, large rocks, etc. A blue “X” indicates terrain that is passable, but you cannot end your turn on that tile. Open up roll 20 to see the new change. In the event that I forget or don’t mark an area, I will do so during session, no you do not get a free card to walk on impassible terrain because I didn’t mark it.



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