Rising Souls

Patch Notes 1.11
  • Patch notes 9/14/2015

There’s not a whole lot going on this time around but it’s important to keep this updated whenever I make any sort of rule changes.

  • Fully changed from D&D 4e over to D&D 5e
  • Added the first version of the D&D Shopping Catalog! PDF and txt documents are available here.
  • I’ve made a change to the way terrain is being displayed on roll 20. Along with using the rpg maker vx maps I’ve placed both blue and red "X"s to mark areas. A red “X” means that you cannot move through that area in or out of combat, such as a wall, certain trees, large rocks, etc. A blue “X” indicates terrain that is passable, but you cannot end your turn on that tile. Open up roll 20 to see the new change. In the event that I forget or don’t mark an area, I will do so during session, no you do not get a free card to walk on impassible terrain because I didn’t mark it.
Patch Notes 1.10
  • Patch notes 9/25/2015 – 10/06/2015

I present to you the first actual patch notes for Souls D&D. Now as you read these, I know that many of you will be scratching your heads at certain changes, and some won’t like them, understandably so, but I have been thinking hard about some of these changes and I believe they’re for the better. There are some changes that haven’t been verbally discusses by me, but I will place in here, so if you happen to read a new change you don’t remember me talking about, chances are, I didn’t talk about it. The goal with these changes is to amend and revert some of the rules I came up with two months ago at the start from home-brew to traditional D&D, for many reasons involving balancing issues and rules. Now of course, there are some exceptions to these new rules below, so don’t freak out If i told you you could change your character but now it’s against the new rules.

  • Changed the name to Rising Souls from Warring Souls because it makes a little more sense and Souls was taken already.
  • Leveling up is getting a change in how it’s done. Since the beginning, I’ve allowed everyone the opportunity to change one encounter, daily, feat, or at-will, power per level, I will be stingy with changes from here on, so pick your new powers with care. I will allow the change of one at-will, feat, or utility per certain levels. Encounter powers and daily powers will be done by the book. Refer to page 29 of the Player’s Handbook for this list. You will have the ability to replace or redo one at-will, feat, or utility at levels: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30, You can replace one Encounter power at levels: 13, 17, 23, and 27 You can replace one Daily Power at levels: 15, 19, 25, and 29. So from here on out, be more careful when deciding what your character will be able to do. These levels and numbers are otherwise solid and set in stone, anyone who is on the verge of leveling up to level 5 or has leveled up to level 5 and hasn’t made any alterations can still do so. Anyone moving to level 6 will have the above changes effect them. Again, as I stated above, there are exceptions to this rule. I believe I’ve told two of you who have changed class or had large character alterations that you may redo some skills, i’ll still allow a few changes, if not all of the abilities depending heavily on the situation. For example, if I believe that a character, such as Dillon’s is too weak, I’ll still allow him to do a full character overhaul, but then a case such as Jeremiah’s, the above rules will be kept, but I’ll stretch them out so he can use his new abilities better.
  • From here on out, I will no longer allow anyone to do a point reallocation to their character via simply joining a covenant. You can still redo your character but I’ll make you work harder for it than simply joining a covenant.
  • Equipment that increase the number of attunement slots will not be able to stack with “like” equipment. For example, two attunement rings will not work together, but a ring and amulet will function together.
  • Shopping will be getting yet another change soon, but It’s not prepared yet. The basic idea is that I will let players do shopping before they get to the session by handing out a list of items readily available at shops. If the item you want isn’t available (scrolls, specialty weapons, specialty armors, rings, potions, etc.) you can then go shopping for these specialty items during roll play in session. Whether or not i’ll actually do this isn’t decided yet but I’m thinking we’ll at least try it.
  • RPG maker maps are here to stay for now.
  • I’ll quickly address a question I’ve gotten by two different people so far. No, you cannot stop during your movement action, attack, and then finish your movement. Another action cannot bisect a move action, each action must be fully resolved before you can begin another action (aside from triggered actions). There are specific powers and features which provide exceptions to this rule. Particularly monk powers and I believe druid powers.
  • I will discuss this on the start of next session as this will be too difficult to explain here, but from here on, players will have fifteen seconds to start their combat move. From when I say it’s your move, you have fifteen seconds to respond and start making your first moves, but I will allow unlimited time once you’ve started. If you do not tell me your first move within fifteen seconds, you will lose your turn. A speed chess player can make moves in ten seconds constantly, there’s no reason why a player can’t start their turn after waiting for an entire round. Now don’t confuse this new rule as a punishment, this is to help with combat encounters speed. Our battles our currently faster, and smoother than they were, but some of the new monsters I’ve written recently may slow down encounters, which is why I made this rule so they still go smoothly.
  • HP and AC. This will be explained before our next session as it will be too hard to explain in text. Not that nothing more than cosmetic things are being changed here. Hp is still hit points and AC is still armor class, there’s no point or number changes.
  • Along with the above HP percentages will now effect de limbing, be heading, etc.
  • I’m getting rid of the limb/head attacks from your character sheets due to how the new but not actually new HP and AC system work.
Chapter 1 Prologue



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